Fee Schedule

General Fees

Service Fee
Closing and Account $15.00 if account closed within 90 days of opening
Account Reconciliation $15.00/Hour
Dormant Account $2.00/Month after no activity for one year
Money Order $2.00/Money Order
Reopening Account $15.00 if reopened within 90 days of closing.
Returned Mail $2.00/Return
Statement Copy $2.00/Copy

Wire Transfer:

Wire Transfer Instructions

Share/Share Draft Print Out $0.50/Page
Loan History Statement Copy Free every six months upon request, additional statements within the same 6 months $1.00 per page
CU Official Check $3.00
Third (3rd) Party Checks $5.00/Check
Copy of Credit Union Official Check $2.00/Check
Verification of Financial Institution Request $10.00/Request
History Request $1.00/Request
Dormant Escheat Up to $50.00
Mailing Fee Per Pay Off $1.00
Collection of Unpaid Country Taxes $20.00
Certified Mailing for Member At current price
Returned Checks (NSF) $10/Check deposited or cashed


Service Fee
Unlimited Transactions on Ecusta Credit Union ATM Terminal(s) Free
ATM Withdrawals for Terminals Not Owned by Ecusta Credit Union 6 per month are free of charge
ATM Withdrawals $1.25 / Transaction after 6 withdrawals per month
POS Transactions 6/Month are free of charge; $1.25 per transaction after 6 withdrawals per month
Replacement Card / PIN $5.00 / Card

VISA Check Card Fees

Service Fee
POS Transaction Fee $0.00 (we do not charge for any POS transactions at the present time)
Replacement Card/PIN $5.00/Card
ATMs When using ATMs not owned by us, you may be assessed a fee. Such fees are imposed by the ATM owner not the Credit Union.

Home Banking

Service Fee
Monthly Service $0.00
With Bill Pay $3.00/Month
Bill Pay Investigation


Stop Payment $25.00

Share Draft Account Fees

Service Fee
Check/Share Draft Printing Prices may vary depending upon style
Overdraft $30.00/Item
Manual Transfer (to cover overdraft) $5.00/Transfer
NSF $30.00/Item
Returned Non-Sufficient Check $10.00/Check
Stop Payment $15.00/Request
Photocopy of Draft $5.00/Copy
All transfers to cover a draft $5.00/Transfer
Premium Plus Account Excess Share Draft $5.00/Share draft if more than 3 clear the account per month

Safe Deposit Boxes

Service Fee
3” x 5” Box $30.00/Year
3” x 10” Box $40.00/Year
5” x 10” Box $60.00/Year
10” x 10” Box $75.00/Year