Visa Credit Cards

NO annual fee! NO cash advance fee!

NO over your limit fee!

NO foreign transaction fee!

Low rate of 9.25% (for purchases & cash advances)

$10,000 credit limits for qualifying members!

Great Visa benefits include Emergency Cash & Card Replacement, and Lost/Stolen Reporting.

During weekends and holidays, call 1-844-352-5696

  • Password-protect your Visa card for added safety online with Verified By Visa.
  • Access your current credit card balance through Visa online access on the main web page.

For your convenience there are 4 ways to make your VISA payment:

  • In person at our office - 2074 Asheville Highway, Brevard NC
  • Through Online Banking – use the “Quick Transfer” button, choose the account you want the payment to come from (savings or checking), then choose the credit card you want the payment applied to. Keep in mind, payments made after 5pm will be applied on the next business day. *If you are away from your computer and want to make a Visa payment, you can use mobile money on your smart phone.
  • Using E.A.R.S. (Ecusta Audio Response System) by following the prompts. Call 1-888-857-0397
  • Visa online access

Receive your credit card statements online!

Benefits to going paperless:Environmental Benefits – Reduce environmental waste when you replace paper statements with electronic statements.

  • Less Clutter – Paperless statements mean less clutter to pile up at home
  • Faster Statement Delivery – Electronic statements are delivered, on average, three to five times faster than paper statements
  • Reduced Risk of Fraud – With paperless statements, you are less vulnerable to mail fraud involving your credit card.

Share Secured VISA credit card

A great way to build credit if you have no credit history or have been turned down for credit in the past.

  • No annual fee
  • 25-day grace period on purchases
  • To establish your credit limit, you must make a deposit as little as $100 to a second savings account.
  • The total balance is held as a deposit as long as the Secured VISA account is open
  • You still need to make monthly payments towards any balance you accrue, as with any other credit card
  • Once you establish a good credit history, you may be eligible to graduate to an unsecured credit card
  • Low interest rate of 9.25% (APR)